All the stages of grief in doodle form!

Thank you for all of your Donations in the Tip Jar! We still have a little ways to tablet replacement, but thanks to our artist friend Nick who is lending us a tablet to use you can expect the comics to start up again next Wednesday!

If you still wish to help us out not only will you have our eternal gratittude but we will also shower you with gifts!

  • $5 or more will receive an awesome Evil Naetion button
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You can do this by clicking on the Tip Jar in on the top left or the button at the bottom of the post. Be sure to include your shipping address as well as contact information with your donation. For those who have already donated, expect an email from us soon confirming shipping information and getting some details for your avatar.

Button Sample  Matt AvatarThanks again you wonderful wonderful people! Until next week.

Matt -n- Nae