Greetings fan family, … fanily?… no, definitely going with fan family.

It would seem, after much communal gibbering in the corner, that Nae and I are in need of a creative breather. Not that we don’t have ideas for the comic, in fact we have quite a few great ideas for the next couple of runs. The truth is we both find our respective responsibilities outside of MnN a tiny bit overwhelming at the moment and in order to maintain focus on the tasks that produce things like income and grades we felt it necessary to pause production on MnN. We hope to return to our regular posting of the comic in a week or two so hang in there!

In the meantime, comment below with your favorite story arcs or individual strips/panels. Are there any you would like to see in better detail? We are thinking about making some MnN wallpapers in the future among other things. How about arcs you want to see more of? Let us know what you think!