Hello readers!

Starting on April 6 Matt will be posting a weekly video blog every Monday. He hopes to have an “Ask the Author” type of format, but for that to work he will need some input from all of you. Any questions you would like him to discuss can be put in the comments below. He will select from your questions and discuss the answers as well as provide some background information about his process and the history of the comics. We hope to build some further interaction with you, the readers, and this will be the first step.

Also, we would like to thank our friend Damion Brooks for his one-man campaign to get us votes on TopWebComics. Thanks to his efforts through Facebook and the awareness he brought we have managed to start this month out within the top 200 webcomics, when historically we hovered around rank 1200 or so. I believe we can keep this trend going and stay well ranked with your help. Please take the few seconds to click on the voting link either to the bottom right of our comic or below in this post.┬áVoting has a daily reset at midnight, you can technically vote twice, once without signing in and once with a log-in. Since votes are tracked by ip-addresses it’s one per household/location unless you have an account and are logged in. Top Web Comics has a favorites system that makes it easy to track all of your favorite webcomics and vote for them.

Click Here to Vote!:

Again, if you have anything you would like Matt to discuss in his video blog, comment below!