Nae here with the word of the week: fuuuuuuu….. Er, well, you get the idea.

It’s moving time… Again. You may remember the last time Matt -n- Nae moved. There was a comic run about it in which the laws of physics and comic story telling were bent so they could move across town.

This time is different. This time Matt has been stuck at army training stuffs while Nae packed, cleaned, and moved all their stuff to their new home 3 hours away. While she has had loads of help from all of their amazing friends and family this has left her pretty freaking exhausted and a comic could not be drawn. So to cut back on the stress and to give you all something fun for this weeks comic day, the real life version of Sarah the dreaded Head Minion has prepared a little comic of her own!

Moving Day Comic 1

A gigantic thank you to Sarah for doing this! One could not ask for a better Head Minion or friend.

Now as long as Nae’s head has stopped exploding by then we hope to be back to your regularly scheduled comic. Until then!

Nae (Who, yes, wrote this all in the third person.)