Fans and Family, we are in need of assistance. Nae’s tablet of five years, her little Intuos 4 friend, has been rendered non-functional by the ravages of the awesome art Nae produces (read:pen stylus is in pieces and tablet surface is worn out). The timing of this breakdown is such that we are unable to replace the needed equipment without help. This is where you fine folk come in, there is a Tip Jar in the top left corner that links to a Paypal donation portal. Anything you can spare will help us replace the tablet and get back to producing the quality comics you love. If you donate $5 or more in the Tip Jar and include your shipping address with your donation you will receive an awesome Evil Naetion button (sample below) for helping support future comics. If you donate $20 or more and include your contact information Nae will also create a personal avatar (sample below) for you to use! We appreciate any help you can provide and thank you for your patronage!

Button Sample  Matt Avatar