Happy Wednesday potential minions. The recruitment has begun and The Evil Naetion wants you! To that end we have and application for all those potential minions out there to fill out. If you dream of serving an evil overlord in world conquest with perks such as your very own DoomCanon™ and excellent life insurance look no further! Please download The Evil Naetion Minion Application fill it out to the best of your ability and email it to TheEvilNae@gmail.com. Please note all fine print carefully or you never know what you will be signing up for… heheheh.

Any applications we receive by this coming weekend (6/7) may have a chance of appearing in the web comic over the next couple weeks as snippets of dialogue, after a tough screening process by the Head Minion, Sarah, of course. You don’t get to be the most powerful minion in the Evil Naetion without being careful about who else gets in. So Matt, Nae, and Sarah all look forward to reading your applications, we might even plan a video blog to share some of our favorites, so be creative!