That’s right folks we’re changing things up a bit. The Adventures of Matt -n- Nae has be going on for almost 2 years (exactly 2 years next Thursday) and now for 100 strips! This is a very exciting achievement and we are very excited to be sharing it with you. However this has also given us a reason to look back on the past 99 little adventures and think about things we might want to do differently. In the beginning this project was born out of a need for creative outlet for Matt and I and we never really thought it would go on for more than a few months of making silly, unrelated jokes. Yet here we are.

So as we wrap up our second year of existence here are couple things about AoMnN that will be changing:

  1. No more gag-a-week writing style. The Adventures of Matt -n- Nae now has a continuous story line to follow. While there will still be jokes and silliness, it will be jokes and silliness wrapped around *DUN DUN DUN* PLOT!
  2. No more G rating. To begin with this rating was something we wanted to stick to because, well honestly, the only people we thought would look at them was our parents. But we have stories we want to tell about our lives and experiences that… aren’t G rated necessarily. So, sorry Mom and Dad, but we are going to a whopping PG-13… I know right? Risky bidness will abound.

These changes will not only make the comic more entertaining and enjoyable for you, but also give us a chance to develop and grow as creators.

Here’s to the next 100 strips, we can’t wait to share them with all of you!