A ten week long comic arc and it’s really just a drawn out love/anniversary story. So if you were expecting something else other than silly, coupley, cuteness… well, you’ve been had sucka! Huh, Matt would tell me to quit taunting our awesome readers… I guess I’ll do that then.

Anywhoo, our actual anniversary was a little under a month ago. Though I will admit, we still haven’t really stopped celebrating. And why not? We have an excuse for special occasions for at least another month if we play our cards right. A 5 Year anniversary is kind of a big deal. Still, I will always feel like our local Ren Faire is truly the day we celebrate it. It was at that very faire 6 years ago that we met. And it was there a year later were we went for our first outing as husband and wife. Each year were have been there, making memories and having adventures alongside our ren family.

And the adventures aren’t about to stop. Hope you guys are up for coming along.