These poor boots. It’s been years since they’ve been allowed out. Sure, every once in a while they get to go for road trips and parade around someone else’s place. Occasionally they get to go to a Halloween party. But in their heart they are a casual pair. Sometimes they just want to hang out, maybe shuffle about the kitchen, do some dancing when nobody’s watching. But no, years of being abandoned to the dark closet with other such around-the-house cast offs has left them bitter. Bitter at whom? For a while I thought it was at our old downstairs neighbors, who could here their recognizable stomping gate even over their own fighting. But now I know… These gorgeous goth princess boots were truly bitter at me.

Give the over-sized boots in your life a new chance at happy loudness upon your feet. Apartments are for the birds. Rent a house and make some noise. Hope you enjoyed this reality bending story line.

We’ll see you all next week!


*note – Only my favorite footwear has been anthropomorphized enough to exhibit a personality. Come on people. I’m not insane.