*singing* Happy 1 Year anniversary to AoMnN. Happy 1 year anniversary to AoMnN. Happy first year of being a webcomic, happy anniversary to ussssss…. and Nae’s birthday.

You may recall that our very first strip took place on my birthday when I first declared my evilness to the world and made very clear to you all my sheer lack of cuteness. Well, in case you don’t remember <a href=”http://matt-n-naecomics.com/aomnn/comic/comic001/”>take a look</a>. That was a year and 54 strips ago people… a YEAR! So what’s in store for this year. Where does the Adventure go from here? New house. New friends (all awesome, some cyborgs). Back-of-the-panel neighbors with Deadpool. Fridge-pool will probably move back into our fridge at some point. I think things can only go up from here. Thank you all for reading our silly little comic for the past year. We appreciate every single one of you!