So we are smack in the middle of my least favorite time of year, the holiday season. Don’t get me wrong, the family and fun bit is great, but working a retail job this time of year is simply a test of patience, endurance, and willpower. Earlier mornings, later evenings, very short visits to family for the actual holidays (if any) and societal insanity all weigh heavily on my “holiday spirit”.

Luckily my wonderful wife more than makes up for my overall Grinchyness. Immediately after Thanksgiving the tree and decorations go up, eggnog and cider are must-haves, snow is still magical and not a hurdle in the day. The tree lights get turned on every night as the sun goes down. I can come home to TSO music and the fireplace turned on. For me, New Years is the best holiday. A quiet evening spent relaxing and watching old black and white movies. If Midnight slips past unnoticed it’s fine, the goal is to de-stress. One day I might regain my holiday joy but it seems to be far in the future.