The battle has reached the tipping point. Marvel and DC fans rushing to defend their stance. The neutral party calling on the Independent realms and an even higher power. Shamus seems to have stayed free of interfering, like The Monitor and The Watcher. Whether from indifference or just irritated exasperation.

Captain Krypton must be truly desperate to call upon such a force. There are many guest appearances in this splash page…

The Independents:<

Hellboy – Belongs to Dark Horse

Witchblade – Belongs to Top Cow

The Neutrals:

Matt as Captain

Krypton Colin as The Archer


TheEvilNae (as their leader cuz she’s awesome ~Nae)

Zach as Iron Can

Cody as Cody Von Doom

Liz as Rogue

Austin as Cable

Greg as Hulk

Beard and Bean as The Aim Scientists

Art as Snore God of Thunder


Jordan as The Dork Knight

Damion as Aqua Lantern

Theresa as Lady Green Arrow

Sarah as Harley Quinn Tina as Wonderwoman

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