This comic, as with most of these, is based on a discussion with my friend and co-worker Jordan. It went something like this:

Jordan: “Want to hear my theory about Thor?”
Me: “Ummm…. Sure..” (Trepidation based on the fact that Jordan tends to lurk in the dark places of the Internet)
Jordan: “Most of Thor’s fans are little girls, seeing as he is a prince from a fantasy land who travels a rainbow road, right? Well, his room in the Avengers Tower must be covered in fan-mail crayon drawings that he is very proud of. I even bet he thinks Tony is envious of his decorations.
Me: “You know what… I bet Thor would love MLP.”
Jordan (Brony): “OMG! ‘Come forth man of iron and learn of the power of friendship! Why have I not heard of the evils of this… Discord!?”