This week is a very special week and today is a very special day. Because on this day, four years ago Matt and I walked down a grassy aisle between cobbled together benches and lawn chairs followed by an aged Golden Retriever who thought she was our flower girl. It wasn’t what we had planned nor was it what we had expected but this was our wedding day. We were in love and we knew that no matter how humble or unplanned these beginnings were, ours was a marriage and a love that would last a lifetime… a lifetime full of campy horror flicks, comic books, renaissance faires… adventures. The Adventures of Matt -n- Nae.

Now… that all the sappiness is out of the way. This week is also special because we are going to do two updates!!! That’s right, to make up for the weeks we missed we will have another strip out on Thursday for your enjoyment. It will be less *shudders* romantic than this one.

Until Thursday!