The Creators:


Matthew W. Main is the calm and collected writer and alpha nerd. He works at a bookstore where many of the Adventures take place and also serves in the U.S. Army. When he’s not working (read: geeking out), writing, serving, or playing video games he’s on Nae duty, being her husband, best friend, conscience, and ego reducer. Some of these he is effective at, others not as much.



Renae A. Main, who more often goes by Nae or TheEvilNae, is the artist of this little venture. She’s grumpy, opinionated, and could occasionally be described as a little nuts. She has many goals: become a full time freelance artist, working for Marvel, becoming spider-man, and of course taking over the world and ruling it with an iron fist. Don’t ask her what the plan is to accomplish any of this though. It’s a secret.


Matt and Nae were married in 2009 and have been enforcing geek couple stereotypes ever since (being awesome is a stereotype right?). In 2013 they realized the were in need of a joint creative endeavor. As Matt wanted to be writing and Renae needed things to draw. So Matt-n-Nae Comics was formed. The webcomic is but the first of several projects they are working on. However it is a fun, super silly, diversion that they are happy to share with you!

The Adventures of Matt-n-Nae

A weekly updating slice-of-life/journal webcomic about a Husband, a Wife, and their geeky life. The adventures follow the lives, thoughts, and often pure imagination of the creators: Matthew and Renae Main. While it generally follows a joke a week formula with reoccurring themes, every once in a while an actual story will happen that may go on for months at a time.